Frequently Asked Questions - Website

All emails that come from the website, will be sent via the follwoing address:

Be sure to look in any junk e-mail folders you may have and allow that address to be considered 'safe'.

Examples of emails that do originate from are:

1.When any order is sent, the website automatically e-mails you a copy for your records.
2.When any password changes or accounts are set up, JSS e-mails you for confirmation.
3.When any orders are complete, the website will notify you that an audiofile or script is ready to be downloaded.

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By clicking "Log in" at the top right there will be an additional tab to request a new password, an e-mail with a one-time link will be sent to the e-mail on file you've provided us

After logging in using the website, click on "My Account" on the upper-left hand corner of the page.

Click 'edit', then simply type in your new password.

1. After logging in, your own personal dashboard will have a "Completed" .
2. Click the box, then click on the title of the ad you wish to download.
3. A new page will appear, right click on the 'download' link and choose "save as" to save it to your hard-drive at a location of your choosing.
4. The spot will automatically be sent to your "Downloaded" section on your dashboard

The first time you download the spot, you'll need to right click "and save as" to download the spot in a location of your chooosing on your hard drive.

If you ever need to re-download the spot again, you'll find it on your dashboard, in either the "Completed" or "Downloaded" section.
Simply click on the title of the ad, then you can re-download the spot using the same guidelines as mentioned above.

After creating a new account, and being approved, our website will automatically e-mail you with one time link to your account. From there you can set your password and update any information. The reason why we do this is to validate that you have an actual, working e-mail account.