Frequently Asked Questions - Talent

Due to our talent only being available at various times of day or night, and especially due to the numerous locations of talent in other time-zones throughtout the world, speaking with the talent is not always possible. Please contact one of our audio engineer's and they will make sure any additional details that are required will get to the voiceover artist.

Sorry, if you allowed our producers to pick the artist, that means we looked at your script and through years of experience, chose the person we thought would sound best for your project. If the artist made a mistake or did not follow your directions, then we will happily upload a free redo.

If you chose the talent originally, then yes you would have to pay for another spot with a different artist. Be sure and go to the talent page and check out their audio demos before making a selection as to who you want voicing your next project.

Or you can have our producers choose the voice that feels right for them.  Kiko for example has ben producing radio ads for more than twenty years, so he can at least advise you on what may sound best for your client.